Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully, you’ve done so because you are interested in learning about books, the writing process and what makes a writer tick.

In 2013 I began interviewing successful authors, starting with Oliver Dahl. Over the next six years I posted over 200 interviews. It was an honor getting to meet with so many talented writers and I am happy that I was able to share that experience with so many of you. It has been over a year since I published my last interview with C. Stuart Hardwick. I stopped interviewing so that I could focus on writing my own books. Writing has been a passion of mine and it has always been my goal to be able to do it on a full-time basis. One day I may return to interviewing, but for the immediate future I will be focusing on my writing career. Going forward, my posts will focus on both my published novels and my works in progress.

Whether you’re already acquainted with my books, or curious to learn more about them, please take a minute to check out my Books page where I feature excerpts and links where you may purchase them.

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